Appellate, Post-Conviction &
Immigration Deportation
Criminal Defense

Criminal defendants are afforded many rights before and after trial. Unfortunately, too many criminal defendants do not receive knowledgeable and aggressive representation at the trial level. They end up pleading guilty or being convicted without exercising, or even knowing, their rights.

The ramifications of a guilty plea and conviction are sometimes very obvious. However, often times the ramifications are not immediately apparent, especially for those who are not United States citizens.

Once convicted, to avoid years in jail, large fines and, in certain cases, for non-citizens, deportation, you need mount a strong appellate or post-conviction strategy. This may involve finding new evidence, overturning judge’s rulings, or having a Court find that your original attorney’s representation was so poor as to be below the standard expected of an attorney.

Our firm maintains a post-conviction relief and criminal appellate practice. We have been successful in withdrawing guilty pleas, representing persons in mental health proceedings, taking direct appeals from jury verdicts, and preventing the deportation of immigrants convicted of crimes.

Some of the areas of our criminal defense practice include:

  • Criminal Appeals
  • Post-conviction investigation, interviewing and evidence collection
  • Personal restraint petitions
  • Motions for new trial
  • Proving ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Withdrawal of guilty pleas
  • Mitigating conviction’s affect on immigration
  • Immigration assistance
  • Petition for review to Washington State Supreme Court
  • White Collar Defense